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We became hummus addicts at an early age. No wonder. Growing up in Jerusalem, going for Hummus with dad on a Friday afternoon was the ultimate treat! Finding the ‘best hummus in the world’ in a hidden alley was an exciting treasure-hunt. Inside, lively shouts and dazzling smells surrounded us. We would make our way to a small table through the hungry crowd. The diversity was surprising – young and old, a mix of religions and ethnicities, all united around the hummus. We sat in anticipation as plates came flying out of the kitchen, and then – ripped a piece of warm pita bread and dived in for that heavenly bite!


​For us that early experience is simply unparalleled. Delicious Hummus in the unpretentious atmosphere of the ‘Hummusiya’ – frees you to be yourself and enjoy the moment. It became our dream to re-create this experience for Amsterdamers.

Our Story


Sir Hummus opened its doors in January 2015. It took more than 10 years to perfect our Hummus recipe, a labor of love that is still in the making.

The idea was born in London, in the hip Maltby Street Market. We set up a stall offering our Hummus. Slowly but surely, the crowd in front of the stall grew and we started dreaming of something bigger.

We wanted to create an authentic Hummusiya experience, with a brick and mortar home. But where? Having studied in the Netherlands, we always loved Amsterdam’s cozy vibe. It seemed like a perfect match for us and for our Hummusiya.

To get things started, we set up a website where Amsterdamers could get fresh Hummus pedaled to their homes. Back in 2014, food delivery by bike was non existent. The sight of two enthusiastic brothers biking around the city delivering Hummus was rather extraordinary!

One thing led to another, and we got the opportunity to start a weekly pop-up. This gave us a chance to learn what it takes to bring the Hummusiya concept from the Levant to Amsterdam.

While pedaling and popup-ing, we kept on searching for our permanent home. When we stumbled upon the little corner in Van der Helstplein, it  was love at first sight. And the rest is history!

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