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Preparing our Hummus is a 24 hour process. Everything is done from scratch every day, no shortcuts. First, chickpeas are sorted, cleaned and soaked overnight. They are then slowly cooked until super tender. Just before opening for lunch – all ingredients (Chickpeas, Tahini, Lemon juice, salt, and a pinch of *love*) are mixed, creating a unique taste and fluffy texture.

The toppings for our Hummus meals are prepared as well using slow cooking methods combined with old-fashioned tools (like Pestle & Mortar) and Middle Eastern spices. The rich and comforting flavors have become our trademark.

We take our sides just as seriously as the hummus. Though served on the side, they are essential to the hummus experience, and bring out its taste even more. Our homemade pickles sit patiently in a giant barrel of brine before they are ready to eat, and our pita bread is baked every morning at a local bakery.




In its journey to the West, hummus has gained many different interpretations. Today you can find hummus in almost every supermarket as a cold dip/spread, with many variations. 


While it is great that hummus has become such a popular kid, supermarket hummus is full of preservatives. Many products contain around 30% vegetable oil (read the label!), which makes it fatty and unhealthy; other additives include citric acid, various preservatives and artificial flavoring.


Our strict ‘NO CRAP’ policy means that we do not add any questionable ingredients and keep our hummus as pure as possible. We make no compromises and import the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on.

No Crap
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