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Fresh Hummus is a true balanced super food. It contains proteins, slow-burning carbs, healthy fat, and many more nutrients. Hummus’ main ingredients are Chickpeas and Tahini (roasted sesame paste). Both are rich in nutrients and make a fantastically healthy meal when combined.


One of our biggest challenges is to set the record straight about Real Hummus vs. the commercial hummus dip you can find at any supermarket today. Imagine serving a frozen supermarket pizza to a family from Napoli! We feel the same about comparing mass-produced “Hoemoes” to the REAL thing.

For us, real Hummus is:

Original. Hummus literally translates to chickpeas, so hummus must contain chickpeas! Hummus is originally called "hummus bi tahini", meaning chickpeas with tahini. Hummus without Tahini is just a chickpea puree.

Fresh. We make Hummus daily, from scratch, and never serve yesterday’s batch. Read more about our Methods.

Focused. Hummus is the superstar of the show. The Hummus meal may have different variations, but at its core there is always fresh Hummus.

Welcoming. Hummus is a staple food - it should be affordable, and served in an inclusive atmosphere.

Real Hummus


A Hummusiya is an eatery that specializes in serving hummus as a main dish (often the only dish). A typical meal includes a bowl of fresh hummus, pita bread, olives and salty pickles.


Hummus spots are spread across the Levant, each having their own special recipe. No two ‘Hummusiyot’ taste the same, each one is unique. Many of these eateries are family restaurants with secret recipes passed religiously from one generation to the next. The best Hummus places gather a crowd of devote followers, like a favorite sports team. Beyond serving delicious and nourishing food, the ‘Hummusiya’ has created around it a mythical culture.

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